As a general rule, I discourage snacking during my Programs and after. Why? Isn’t grazing all day long the way to keep your metabolism revving, your blood sugar even and avoid hunger pains? That is what we have all been told over the last few years and many of us have snacked our way to a muffin top over our jeans. 
Your body can either use sugar or fat for fuel. When sugar is available, your body will use it first. Snacking, even on non-sugar-y foods gives your body a constant supply of blood sugar so it does not need to switch into fat-burning mode. 
Blood sugar burns quickly but we crash when it runs out, causing us to crave more and eat more. We then end up with chronically elevated insulin levels which cause us to store fat and gain weight. 
Body fat is our calm, non-emergency fuel. It burns slowly and steadily and most of us have an ample supply of it! Our fat stores should be able to get us through a marathon if we can access them. 
Burning fat is detoxifying. Many toxins are fat soluble and are stored in our fat supplies. By burning fat we can get at those toxins and get them out. Many of us have lost the ability to burn fat effectively from grazing all the time. We are always craving something and get in the habit of always needing food and even feeling panicked without something to nibble close at hand.​
Try to go 4-5 hours between meals or as long as you can. If you are suffering from adrenal fatigue or you are an athlete, you may need to snack. Try a high fat snack. It will satiate your hunger without the insulin response. This recipe for Rooibos Chai with MCT oil  is wonderful hot or over ice. If you are really dying of hunger, try eating half an avocado with some hemps hearts sprinkled on top. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime, a dash of olive oil and some good salt. This is my favorite snack or breakfast. My 8 year old takes this to school some days he loves it so much. This one is a keeper!