Creamy Coconut Kefir
Serves 8
The coconut kefir is a replacement for yogurt. It is a fantastic probiotic food. It is delicious with berries and topped with nuts or in a chia seed pudding. Use where you would yogurt or dairy kefir. We love to add frozen wild organic blueberries and either let them thaw a little and eat or blend when frozen hard for a little ice cream type treat topped with granola or macadamia nuts. Try it with my gluten free granola recipe!
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  1. 1 box (7 oz) Let's do Organic Creamed Coconut
  2. 4 cups warm filtered water
  3. 1 packet Kefir starter or 6 tblsp kefir from a previous batch
  1. Blend coconut cream and water in the Vitamix. Gradually increasing speed to high until completely smooth. Add the kefir starter and blend gently for a few seconds to mix in. Put it in an airtight container and let it sit in a cabinet or counter top for 24 hours without stirring. Sometimes you have to let the air out of the container half way through. It will separate, just stir it or shake it. When it is finished, I stir and add some vanilla and then refrigerate. You can add 6 tblsp from a previous batch to make the next batch instead of using the starter. You can do that about 6 times before you need to use a new starter.
  1. My favorite kefir starter and creamed coconut are below. (Click the images.)
  2. kefirstartercreamedcoconut
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