The Michele Gelman Wellness Program


Weight Loss

5- 10 pounds is typical

Brighter, Clearer Skin

Get your glow on

Increased Energy

Get your mojo back

Better Moods and Focus

Get more done and with a smile

Better Sleep

Sleep soundly and feel rested

Reduced Cravings

Sugar, caffeine, wine…

Improved Digestion

Bloat be gone


Stage 1 Preparation

 It is time to get rid of the excesses of winter and get your mojo back before summer! You have a lot to do to get ready and you also need to set your intention and get mentally prepared to change your life! From the time you sign up until May 15th you will print and read the Guidebook, Protocol and Recipes and get going on your Workbook. You also take part in the teleseminar watch the videos, shop for food, supplements and cleansing tools, and cook or order your food from my chef. This is also an important time to start weaning yourself off caffeine, chocolate, sugar, wine and any other addictive foods. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get ready. Preparation is everything!  

Stage 2 Elimination, Cleansing and Healing Diet

During these 10 days we wil eliminate the most common trigger foods that can cause inflammation and symptoms of ill health. We will add in healing and detoxifying foods and consume a greater number of liquid (but delicious) meals to push out toxins and put in nutrients. We will also focus on healing the gut and repopulating it with good bacteria or probiotics. You will not be hungry!


Stage 3 Reintegration

If you choose to accept this mission, you will gradually add back the foods we eliminated. This part will last about 3 weeks and will help you understand which foods are affecting you, and how. Some people skip or shorten this but it is very helpful! My Program is easy to do. It relies on real, whole foods that you will incorporate into your everyday life. It brings in the science of some of the top experts in the field. It has evolved over the last few years into a finely tuned cleanse machine! I am always updating it and adding new recipes and suggestions. The success stories keep piling up and people keep coming back to do it again.



Many, many people have said this Program has changed their lives. You will take away tools that will allow you to keep losing weight, deal with cravings, keep your energy up and your focus sharp, and get you back on track when you need to. You will change the way you eat and the way your family eats.

The Michele Gelman Wellness Program Package 


  • Program Guide Book
  • Program Work Book
  • Program Protocol
  • Program Recipes
  • Program Suggested Shopping List
  • Program Reintegration Guidelines and Support Emails
  • Sample Meal Plans
  • Recommended Supplement List
  • Recording of the Teleseminar to listen to at your convenience
  • Group Facebook Page
  • Daily Coaching Emails from Michele
  • Email Access to Michele
  • Optional Meals to order from my fabulous chef

And most of all, the incredible group energy that motivates everyone and makes it fun!

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“People really do say that I look 10 years younger! I’ve cleansed with Michele twice. Both times, I lost 10-plus pounds. I have not only kept off the 20 pounds but have lost 20 more since then (40 lbs in 8 months). I quickly learned that sugar and gluten are triggers for me.The super-healthy foods and the go-to meals I learned to make and enjoy on the cleanses are my favorite things now and keep me from missing sugar and gluten. Being so free of cravings is freeing and empowering—what a joy! Those who want to lose weight, experience cravings, or have health issues owe it to themselves to cleanse with Michele and learn about their own bodies. With so much conflicting information out there, people don’t know what is good or bad. I say, ‘Cleanse with Michele and you will find out what is good and bad for your own body! You really can find out for yourself!’ 

Carol L

“I am feeling great and already thinking about how to take the smoothies on the road when I travel for work. This cleanse has definitely helped me break some really bad habits.”

Marianne O.

“This has been wonderful! I lost 9 lbs and feel great. High energy, less bloat. I am off coffee! It’s lifestyle change. I will do the reintegration plan and follow it as well. Your emails have been really helpful, informative and motivating. I told my friends you have changed my life because I truly had inflammation. I work out all the time, but my stomach was always inflamed and this took it right off! I could definitely do this again. I always took probiotics but the magnesium and digestive enzymes are the best. I am so glad you introduced me to them. Thank you.”

Jeanne S.

“Liquid diets don’t have any appeal for me and I don’t want to spend a few days wishing I could crunch some food. I am really enjoying this cleanse. It feels natural except when I was staring at my husband and son eating Italian pizza and meatballs last night and I was having the fortified vegetable broth, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and avocado. I believe if we become accustomed to eating better foods we crave bad foods less which may be why I’m not having such a hard time. My daughter is taking notice and is doing a gluten-free ten days with me. It’s all positive as we talk about good eating habits post-cleanse.”

Rebecca W.

“High-five for a fantastic 10-day cleanse. I have learned a ton and I feel fantastic. I would not have made it without all your support and the hilarious messages from other cleansers! Thanks again.”

Emanuele P.

“Thanks so much for introducing me to your Program. It’s been a great ride and not that difficult to maintain. Yesterday I got on the scale and was surprised to see that I lost 11 pounds. My pants attest to the loss! Even with some stressful events that prevented me from fully following the program in the last few days, my anxiety levels were much lower than usual in response to the stress. I’m sure the Program was the reason. Thanks so, so much! Congrats on the Michele Gelman Wellness Cleanse Program. It’s a keeper!”

Kathy B.


“I’m very glad I did the cleanse. Your tips and encouraging emails have made the process much more enjoyable that it would have been otherwise. Thanks so much!”

Laurie P.

mg_testimonials-08“This cleanse has changed my life! I have lost nearly 8 pounds! I love how I feel and how my body looks. I love the 80/20 greens/protein(other) approach to lunch and dinner.  I can keep some learnings as I re-enter the world from my cleanse: green smoothies, hot lemon water, hemp and chia seeds (I call them polka dots as a sprinkle them on my kids foods!), kale in everything, quinoa instead of couscous. Thank you for being our fearless leader. It has been fun. Excruciatingly difficult in the beginning, monotonous in the middle and down right invigorating toward the end. I really appreciate your help and do want to learn more great recipes to add to my regulars to keep us ‘regular’ (hee hee) and healthy for life.”

Mary C.

“The MGW Program was great! I never had a dip in energy or withdrawals from wine and coffee. I used the week before to wean myself off of them as Michele suggests and tried to replace one meal with a smoothie. The prep work made all the difference. I’ve lost 9 lbs total. I feel wonderful! I’d definitely do the program again.”

Rana L.

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